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Occupational Therapy. Lactation. Yoga.

Emily Firn Scott MS, OTR/L, IBCLC, RYT, NTMTC

Promoting mother & baby wellness

At Mama and Me OT, we understand that mom and baby's well being are intertwined. We provide holistic, comprehensive care through a unique combination of services which address many of the varied needs of both mom AND baby.  We believe that an empowered & nurtured mama is key to a nurtured & thriving baby.

Specialized licensures & certifications:

  • Licensed & Registered Occupational Therapist (OTR/L)

  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

  • Neonatal Touch & Massage Therapist Certified (NTMTC)

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)


How We Can Help

 Occupational Therapy


Trouble latching to breast or bottle? Trouble transitioning from breast to bottle or purees?

Concern for tongue tie impacting baby's feeding abilities?

Has feeding your baby become a huge source of stress?

Does your baby have a head preference, flat spot, or hold their body in stiff ways?

Worried that your baby is not on track with their development?

Need guidance for best developmentally appropriate toys and equipment?


  • Comprehensive developmental assessment (motor, sensory, visual, and cognitive skills)

  • Comprehensive feeding assessment and support- breast and/or bottle

  • Holistic assessment of baby's oral motor, feeding, and musculoskeletal system to guiding decision making & planning for a potential tongue tie release

  • Post tongue tie release support to ensure best outcomes & feeding improvement

  • Torticollis & flat head syndrome management

  • Reflux or "colic" management techniques

  • Infant massage

  • Parent education to individualized developmental programs to maximize specific skills

  • Assist with referrals to other healthcare professionals as needed (speech therapy, specialty doctors, physical therapy, lactation consultant)

  • Small group infant developmental stimulation session


Experiencing new arm, wrist, hand, neck or back pain?

Having trouble adjusting to the new physical demands of caring for your baby?

Need help identifying best baby related equipment & set up to meet your physical needs at home?

Challenges adjusting to the mental and emotional demands of motherhood?


  • Upper body pain and musculoskeletal assessment

  • Education to upper body strengthening and stretching programs

  • Recommendations for helpful braces and splints

  • Treatment of mom- related hand & arm pain conditions (carpal tunnel, Derquervain's tendonitis)

  • Ergonomic evaluation and recommendations regarding mom related tasks to minimize pain and prevent injury

  • Identify & use effective coping strategies to manage cognitive and mental health challenges

  • Assist with referrals to other professionals as needed (specialty doctors, physical therapy)

Lactation Consulting/ Breastfeeding Support

Baby with trouble latching or breastfeeding well?

Experiencing breast or nipple pain?

Need help breastfeeding in addition to other feeding methods?

Worried about low milk supply or over supply?

Questions about the best pumping plan & products for you?


  • Comprehensive evaluations: infant feeding & maternal breast

  • Teach optimal positioning & latch techniques

  • Complete pre & post feeding weights

  • Teach strategies to help your baby do their best feeding

  • Teach you how to optimize your milk supply

  • Pumping evaluation, education, & materials recommendations

  • Workplace & organizational breastfeeding support consultations & recommendations




Sorely missing your normal yoga practice?​

Trouble finding time to fit in yoga while caring for your baby?

Looking for ways to connect & bond with your baby?

Need tools for calming your mind and body?

How We Can Help:​

  • Private yoga in your home  tailored to your personal goals: strengthening, relaxation, pain management, bonding with baby

  • Individualized private mom and baby yoga sessions 

  • Small group mom and baby yoga sessions

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