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“Emily was wonderful. My little guy was complicated- I had already seen several lactation consultants and specialists, with little improvement in nursing, even after tongue tie release. I was very grateful for a telehealth visit with Emily. She was so kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. It’s rare to find an Occupational Therapist who’s also a IBCLC. She treated me/my baby like we were family, continuing to answer questions along the way. I would highly recommend her.”

-Maria, a physician from Boston

"My daughter was exclusively breast fed the first few months and flat out rejected bottles. We tried everything - different bottles, nipples - but had no luck. I was at my wits end as I was going back to work and my daughter into daycare. Until we had a private, 1:1 coaching session with Emily. Emily was patient, and explained the mechanics behind baby feeding - especially an exclusively breast fed baby - and how those mechanics varied for bottle vs breast feeding - and most importantly how to adapt our strategies so my daughter would take the bottle. (And once she did, we never looked back!) 


When my son was born a few years later and we had the same issue, I called Emily for a phone consult - she asked questions about the strength of my let down, my son's nursing habits, and counseled on the best bottle and nipple flow combo. A phone consult was all we needed - and within a few days my son was taking a bottle no problem!


I highly recommend Emily for anyone who needs help with baby feeding challenges. She's patient, kind, understanding and uniquely qualified to address these issues. As a mom herself, gets the frustration sleep-deprived moms feel when their babies struggle with eating - and empathetically delivers strategies and solutions to meet your goals."

Stephanie L./ In person & telehealth client

"Felt so supported! The session was incredible, helpful, and reassuring."

Mom/ Virtual infant developmental support session

When my daughter was just a few weeks old I became concerned about the frequency, amount, and force with which she was spitting up.  I had breastfed my older child for almost two years, but even so, I felt lost with how to help my daughter.  I had a virtual consult early on with a lactation consultant (virtual due to COVID), which helped me to identify an oversupply issue, however problems persisted even after working to regulate my supply.  I felt like I was missing something--  I was concerned that my daughter may have an undiagnosed tongue tie contributing to a poor latch.  I am also an OT, and had previously identified that my daughter had some mild torticollis, which I also suspected contributing to some of her feeding issues.  However, since it was so mild, she was gaining adequate weight, and was generally happy, I felt my concerns weren't being taken seriously by her pediatrician.  


I was so grateful when I found Emily, because she took a lot of time to hear all of my concerns, and she was so validating-- I finally felt heard!  Emily was thorough in her assessment, and explained her observations clearly.  I felt very confident in her background and knowledge about the specialized area of infant feeding and breastfeeding, and felt more assured of the steps I needed to take to help my daughter, after meeting with Emily.  She provided a wealth of knowledge and resources, as well as ongoing support. 


Due to COVID, my family has been very selective about what potential exposures are necessary-- especially with such a young infant!  Emily and I discussed whether or not an in-person visit was warranted, and together we decided that it was the best option for my daughter.  I felt very confident in the safety measures that Emily took throughout the entire visit, and definitely felt it was worth it.  

Kara/ In person feeding & development support session

"Emily was great. She listened to our concerns, made suggestions/recommendations and most of all put us at ease that we are doing a good job which was needed being first time parents and wanting to be sure our baby is healthy."

Parents of 2 mo/Virtual infant bottle feeding support

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