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June 8, 2024 


10 am

3704 Midvale Ave

Phila, PA


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Friday May 3


Friday May 24

10 - 11:15 am


3704 Midvale Ave

Phila, PA


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Additional Offerings @

3704 Midvale

Our space is shared with Alison Ahern of Nestled, a women's health nurse practitioner & IBCLC! Check out some of her awesome offerings here!

Parent Meet Up

Unstructured gathering for parents to meet and LO’s to play. We will play different music each week so keep an eye out for your favorite artists that your fellow mom-friends (or soon-to-be!) may also enjoy. Our space is best suited for newborns, infants, and toddlers under 3. We have coffee, tea, and water available in our space, but feel free to bring personal snacks for you and your LO!


Intro To Gestational Diabetes

Have you recently received a diagnosis of gestational diabetes? Join us to talk about the condition and how to manage it through the remainder of your pregnancy. Hosted by Nora Tramontina, Registered Dietitician and Certified Diabetes Educator.

Pumping Class

BYO Pump! Join us to discuss ways to incorporate pumping into your routine, whether you are going back to work, need to increase supply, or would like to consider alternative feeding schedules. Bring your pump so we can discuss set up, use and fitting.

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